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VA to explain major health care changes Thursday

Veterans who want to learn about major changes to their government health care can get details Thursday in Allentown.The meeting is timely because the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs recently changed the process for how veterans can obtain government-funded health care from private doctors.The Veterans Choice Program ended last week. It was replaced by the Mission Act, which is designed to streamline and improve access to care from private providers. This could alleviate the need to travel to far-away facilities such as the VA hospital in Wilkes-Barre, and cut down on wait times for appointments. It also makes other changes, including creating a new urgent care benefit and expanding telehealth offerings.A briefing on the changes begins at 5 p.m. Thursday at the VA outpatient clinic, 3110 Hamilton Blvd. It will be part of a town hall meeting run by Wilkes-Barre medical center staff.If you can’t make the meeting, information is available at Muschick can be reached at 610-820-6582 or
Source: Morningcall

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