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Just as the domain name implies, we are and we are always on the look out for any new and interesting nearby restaurant in Walnutport PA itself as well as in the surrounding areas of the Leighigh Valley.

Heimer’s Brew House
Great coffee and service. This is where we go!

D’sopranos Pizzeria
Real Italians in Walnutport! They make good food including Heros. soups, wraps. Go go here and support our locals

A Ca Mia
The truth is, this may be one of the better sit-down Italians in the area. This gem of a restaurant is nestled in and among the stalls of a strip mall and to the non-local may appear unremarkable. Step inside and you’ll feel the magic.

Mama’s Pizza
Brick oven pizza fun. Many locals call this their kitchen

Valley Pizza Family Restaurant
Go here, they are really nice and the food is pretty good.

Ice Cream World
It’s ice cream and it’s pretty good too.

Rita’s Italian Water Ice
Look, how many places can you get a decent Italian ice in Penn? We are happy to have Rita’s especially on hot days.
Walnutport Rita’s
405 South Best Avenue
Walnutport, PA  18088
Phone: (610) 767-4907

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