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Think Eagles have problems? See what an ex-Seahawk is saying about his former team

RENTON, Wash. — So … is K.J. right?
Anyone who’s been following him over the past couple of years knows that former Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright isn’t shy with his opinions. He doesn’t necessarily enjoy criticizing his old team, but like Simon Cowell appraising a vocally challenged auditionee, he says what he thinks must be said.
Wright’s comments were particularly incendiary Wednesday, when Seattle Sports 710 AM host Mike Salk played him a clip of Seahawks coach Pete Carroll answering a question about whether his message is getting through to the players.
“Ask them,” Carroll said. “Next.”
Wright’s interpretation?
“What I’m hearing from Coach Carroll is that he’s sick and tired of these guys. He’s extremely frustrated,” Wright said. “He feels like that he’s preaching to ’em, he’s trying to be nice with them, but they’re just not receiving his message. So essentially, they don’t give a [bleep] what he’s saying at this point.”
Asked about the comments Thursday, Carroll said he hadn’t heard them and replied, “I need to talk to K.J.”
But what if this, and a slew of other thoughts from the former Pro Bowler, are actually on point?
Wright went on to say that there was “infighting” among players and that “it’s not about the opponents anymore … they’re fighting their own internal battles within the building.”
When I reached out to him Thursday afternoon, Wright offered some incisive commentary on Seattle’s defense— ranked 28th in the NFL — as well.
“If I go out there and I I see the same personnel. If I go out there and I see the same guys out there on defense on a consistent basis. To say that they’re serious about winning, I have to question it,” Wright said.
Who would you put in instead?
“Man, I don’t care,” said Wright, emphasizing that a change is necessary to create a “shock” in the locker room. “They can’t be no worse than what’s out there.”
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