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Readers share Volkswagen Beetle memories: ‘Most fun car I ever had!’

The punch bug has been squashed, and readers are sad.Volkswagen this week is stopping production of the latest version of its Beetle model at its plant in Mexico. The iconic car dates back to 1938.Here are some of our readers’ best Facebook posts on the VW Beetle:Jeanette (L) and Christian Nietmann wear hippy clothes as they sit in front of their vintage Volkswagen (VW) beetle car at the 36th “Maikaefertreffen” (May Beetle Meeting) in Hanover, northern Germany, on May 1, 2019. (JULIAN STRATENSCHULTE/)‘My very first car. Wish I had it now.’“I won my 1969 VW bug in the “Paint Your Wagon” art contest from Canada Dry. Had to learn stick shift.”— Linda Bartholomew Stauffer“Most fun car I ever had! Turquoise. Could park it anywhere!”— Connie Jacobs“Growing up in the ’60s and early ’70s, our family had two of them. I loved the color names, Bahama Blue and Clementine.”— Pat Barbarics-Gergar “My very first car. Wish I had it now.”— Patty Bishop MurphyIt’s been a long, strange trip for the Volkswagen Beetle“Drove one many years ago and loved it … so much fun!”— Donna Keeler“I guess that means I will keep mine until it dies. I love my little bug.”— Nancy Olson Heist“Sad. My dad had two … a Navy blue 1969, and a second-hand powder blue one in early ’80s.”— Stephanie Koretski“Wow, that was quite a long run! Kudos to Volkswagen — with hundreds of car models made today, they all seem to look alike. The VW beetle always stood out as being fun and unique.”— Chris StettlerVintage Volkswagen Beetle cars parked during a rally in 2018. (MANJUNATH KIRAN / AFP / Getty Images/)‘Should have left it the way it was’“The end of the road for the Beetle/bug, was when the last RWD/rear engined model was produced. Everything since has been retro garbage FWD.”— James R Barndt III “Should have left it the way it was. They repeatedly got people excited that they were remaking it, and then presented trash that wasn’t a Beetle.”— Nathan Daniel Roeseler“The new Beetle had nothing in common with the old Beetle other than the shape.”— Cas Shaffer Nazi leader Adolf Hitler speaks at the opening ceremony of the Volkswagen Beetle car factory in Germany, May 26, 1938. (Associated Press/)No tears for the punch bug“That car and Wernher von Braun got away with their past.”— Carl Morber“Well it’s one of the most unreliable cars VW produced.”— Jessica Dunst Vintage Volkswagen (VW) beetle cars are on display at the 36th “Maikaefertreffen” (May Beetle Meeting) in Hanover, northern Germany, on May 1, 2019. (JULIAN STRATENSCHULTE/)No chance for ‘Purple Turtle’“I always wanted one but even now are priced outta my reach. Wanted to paint it purple and call it The Purple Turtle.”— Joan Kandl-Beers
Source: Morningcall

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