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Readers React: Hospital grounds could become mental health wellness center

The best use of the former Allentown State Hospital’s grounds would be to make it a wellness center, as a mental health model for evaluations, consultations, inpatient and outpatient services for individuals, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, businesses and the incarcerated, for clients in dire need of follow-up interventions. The addiction and opioid crisis in our state needs assistance. This area has some buildings available for restoration that would make this a model program for all cities to emulate. The established professionals in this area could be involved to grow this wellness center into a dynamic area to serve the community. Additional jobs in all areas of health care, teaching, maintenance, landscaping, legal services, probation case managers, teachers, etc. would emerge. Grants could be initiated for this endeavor. Mental health needs to be addressed, and education about depression, suicidal ideation and behavioral issues attacked as they are climbing to higher numbers. In addition, an area for a warming station and social services for the homeless could provide far greater usage to service the community. The location is ideal for all of the above needs.Doris FarrarLower Macungie TownshipThe Morning Call encourages community dialogue on important issues. Submit a letter to the editor here or email @McallOpinion on Twitter and The Morning Call on Facebook.
Source: Morningcall

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