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Pennsylvania university shooting wounds 2 women

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY, Pa. (AP) — Two women were wounded by a gunshot during a spring event at a university in southeastern Pennsylvania over the weekend, authorities said.
Lincoln University security officials said the shooting happened at about 10 p.m. Saturday during “Yardfest,” an annual spring event at the Chester County campus near Oxford that prosecutors said was attended by several thousand people. University officials said neither victim was a Lincoln student.
County prosecutors said one woman was sitting on a bench seat in a second-floor hallway of a university building and the the other woman was standing nearby in the hallway, which was crowded with hundreds of people. Both heard a single gunshot and the crowd began running.
The victim who was standing recalled feeling pain in her thigh, saw she had been shot and brushed a copper jacket from a bullet off her leg. The seated victim had a gunshot wound to her left ankle and doctors believed the round was still lodged there. Police believe a single round passed through the first woman’s thigh and hit the seated victim.
The women were taken to Christiana Hospital. One was treated and released and the other was expected to be released shortly, prosecutors said.
Neither victim saw who fired the weapon and the identity of the suspect remains unknown, prosecutors said. Marc R. Partee, the head of campus security, said earlier that “two individuals with white T-shirts” were being sought.
“Thousands of people were terrified during this unexpected shooting, and it is very fortunate that there were no fatalities,” District Attorney Deb Ryan said in a statement, asking anyone with information about the shooting to call investigators.
Source: Morningcall

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