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Noise, odor complaints aired over late-night work at Northampton railyard

Northampton Borough residents, upset with odors and noise emanating from a railyard near their homes, presented council with a petition Thursday night asking for help.Brian King, who lives in a neighborhood along Clear Springs Drive and the Nor-Bath Trail, said that loud noise from idling trains and heavy diesel smell were bothering residents, especially in the early morning.“Last night, it was 3:41 when the train rolled through our front yard, their backyards. It’s annoying that the train sits, idles, revs its engine, and blows its horn,” King said.Borough Manager LeRoy Brobst said he had sent Adam Horwith of Horwith Trucks, Inc. a letter and spoke with him on the phone to request help with the issue. Some residents wondered what the trains were hauling and Brobst said he had asked Horwith, but had not received a response. Councilman Robert McHale suggested that the problem might stem from a change in the railway’s work schedule. “Boroughs and towns are often powerless to do anything about railroads,” Solicitor Steven Goudsouzian explained. “It’s a complaint that people get all the time, saying, ‘it’s in my town,’ and the problem is, we don’t control it.”Not all members of those in attendance shared King’s views on the railyard.“It gripes me that people can move in next to something like that and then complain. It’s like moving next to a farm, building a house, and then complaining about the smell,” resident Donald Szerenchits said.Szerenchits pointed out the railyard has provided jobs for decades and questioned whether it was hazardous to the neighborhood. Resident Bonnie Almond said she also hears the trains in the early morning, but thinks people have to learn to live with it. She expressed sympathy for those bothered by the noise, and agreed that whatever the trains are hauling should be investigated.Sarah Ye is a freelance writer for The Morning Call.
Source: Morningcall

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