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This supermarket chain is now charging for use of its carts in some stores. Will it do it at Lehigh Valley locations?

At some Weis Markets, customers who want to use a shopping cart will have to pay for the privilege. Like one of its competitors, Aldi, use of a cart at these locations now requires a quarter that will be returned when shopping is completed.
This change has yet to reach Weis’ 11 locations in the Lehigh Valley, according to Weis spokesperson Dennis Curtin, who says it’s not a chainwide initiative.
Curtin said the system is being tested at a small number of stores, including a handful in the Harrisburg area along with Reading, Williamsport, Milton, Bloomsburg and Mount Pocono. Weis has nearly 200 stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Virginia and West Virginia.
“We are testing a new cart system in a small number of stores,” Curtin said. “It’s designed to help keep our prices low, make sure we have enough shopping carts in convenient locations, and minimize theft and damage to cars caused by loose carts.”
Customers who are at one of the stores using the system need to insert a quarter to get a cart. When they return the cart at one of multiple drop-off locations, they get the quarter back.
“We understand this will be an adjustment for some customers — we’ll have quarters available for customers who need them to help with the transition,” Curtin said. “We also, as always, have hand baskets for smaller orders.”
Source: pennnews

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